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Today’s the day! It’s not too late to join our Beginners’ Conquer Gravity Sessions!

It’s nearly time for Trigger Point Pilates again, our once a month treat when we get stretched out, massaged and lengthened. For those who have never tried Trigger Point Pilates, it is a combination of Pilates based exercises combined with the principles of Self-Myofascia Release (traditionally a hands-on therapy).

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How important is your foot muscle usage in Pilates?

Your foot has more than 25 bones, in addition to many ligaments, tendons and a multitude of nerve endings. Pilates pays particular attention to feet for a good reason. Your foot is a brilliantly designed mechanism that allows us to move, balance and provides us with sensory awareness to where we are in space. If anything happens to your foot, or it becomes less than optimal due to neglect and lack of mobilisation, this will translate through your whole body.

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Why are the shoulders so important? Pilates with Sabrina Severo, Portobello, Edinburgh

Why are the shoulders so important?

It’s easy to neglect the muscles in your back – those muscles we recruit when moving our arms and shoulders. But these muscles are extremely important to you, so best we take really good care of them.

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