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PHPT Portobello Pilates adventure at Foxlake


I’ve got some more important news for you this week. Due to increased costs beyond my control, I have had to make the difficult decision to increase class fees. All group classes will increase by 85p per class as soon as all existing members renew their automated payment.

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IMPORTANT: Please read re: payment changes

I am looking to change over to a 4 weekly payment schedule in a 48 week training year (which is happily a multiple of 4), to make things simpler for everybody.

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Back Care Awareness Week . . .

This campaign runs at this time every year, aiming to raise awareness of back and neck pain and the actions we can take to prevent and alleviate our pain. This year the focus is on children and young people, with the key message being that many of the back and neck pain problems experienced by adults are due to them not looking after their backs during childhood and teenage years.

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