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Sabrina with Pilates clients at PHPT Portobello

Returning to the Essence of Pilates

I am so impressed with all your plans and focus on health and fitness this year! My determination is to start my Masters Pilates Training this year. This means a lot of reading and going back to basics – back to the real essence of Pilates: the breathing and the focus on real mindful movement and how the breath powers each exercise.

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Do you have a weak bladder?

Thank you all lovely people for making an incredible start to the New Year, with everyone turning up to classes, booking in and feeling great, rested and looking really happy! It really helps this time of year to stay active.

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Passion Will Spark Your Resolutions, Not Pressure

I would like to start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year! How strange to start the year without the usual Hogmanay tradition, of which I have become so accustomed these last years of my life! Well, I hope you saw in the new year in style and had a wee dram for me!

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