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Guests at the Pilates Portobello Edinburgh Christmas party

A Christmas gift for our studio!

Let me start with a huge thank you to the Mother and Baby post Natal Pilates members this week. I want to thank you all for your great work, commitment and continued support!
And our Studio got an early Christmas present! A True and Classical Reformer with a Tower!

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Christmas party time at PHPT Pilates Portobvello Edinburgh

Please make sure you do this before the end of the week . . .

It’s the beginning of the month, so please do get on and book in your sessions for December on MindBody! And you can even get ahead and book into the first week of January now too!

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Groups at Pilates Portobello Edinburgh with Sabrina Severo

I am so excited for the New Year! So many surprises up my sleeve!

I want to start by saying thank you to November’s Trigger Point Pilates attendees, fantastic session as ever and I look forward to catching you all again to get all stretched out and get that freedom feel factor back on January 19th 2019! Get ahead and book your ticket now!

And speaking of the New Year, I am so hyped up and excited for 2019 already, I can hardly contain myself. So. Many. New. Things. But first, let’s get excited for our Mums and Babies Christmas social; happening Thursday 6th December next week!

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