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10 Piriformis stretches to help get rid of sciatica and lower back pain

Using Pilates to unlock sciatica

How’s your New Year going? If you are struggling with your resolutions, take heart in the knowledge that habits take 30 days to form. Be patient with yourself and remember that through Winter the body needs more rest in order to hit spring running. Get that early night, and don’t give up!

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How can stronger feet affect your Pilates performace?

How can stronger feet affect your Pilates performance?

This week I want to return to the feet: we can roughly divide the body into key 5 parts in Pilates, and we will start at the bottom, working our way to the top in subsequent weeks. The feet are our foundation, and can be the source of a myriad of ailments, e.g. misalignment in the body, back pain etc, so it’s important to support your feet with Pilates.

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Gratitude for the New Year and the Old

As the New Year begins it’s always important to reflect on the year that has gone, and show gratitude for the good fortune, experiences and lessons learned before we look forward and make our intentions for 2019. I have so much to be grateful for in 2018, among the many things my son, great health, our wonderful True Pilates Community and all that we have achieved together last year.

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