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We are all connected . . .

The weekend reminded me just how connected our bodies are. How one thing can be linked to the neck, for example the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle – a long muscle in the neck – is linked to the hip.

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People attending a session at True Pilates Edinburgh

How tight are your hips?

Last week we looked at the psoas and specifically, treating sciatica with Pilates. This week we are staying in the area of the hips, but addressing some of the myths surrounding tight hips and how we can address this issue with Pilates.

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10 Piriformis stretches to help get rid of sciatica and lower back pain

Using Pilates to unlock sciatica

How’s your New Year going? If you are struggling with your resolutions, take heart in the knowledge that habits take 30 days to form. Be patient with yourself and remember that through Winter the body needs more rest in order to hit spring running. Get that early night, and don’t give up!

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