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Post-Natal Mother & Baby Pilates at PHPT Portobello

What’s the big deal with your psoas?

I hope you are well. It’s holiday season already, some of you are already away and may be reading this on a beach in some faraway land, with sunnier climes (although if you are, put down that iPhone – relaxing, reading and Pilates should be your menu!)

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Sabrina and others at running event

Getting ready for the Weekend…

I’ve been powered up lately following the Mull of Kintyre Half Marathon and 10K Mokrun race in Campbeltown just over a week ago- many of you know how much I thrive on all the happy hormones released after a big run! Here we are before the race!

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It’s Party Time!

It’s PARTY TIME again people – even if we’ve barely recovered from the intensity of last week’s celebrations! I had such a giggle and really enjoyed myself- I hope you did too!

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